We are constantly changing

We, like Rosa Parks, can change the world, but the world is changing us, too. We believe that change and learning can be different. Organizations must and reinvent themselves. If you don’t,  someone will do it for you. Those who continue to change well and take control of their change, survive and grow. Those who do what they’ve always done, will disappear and be replaced.

In a swiftly changing world, focus is everything. Our focus is to help people to learn, develop and change. We do that by battling  mediocrity and breaking with the status quo. This takes courage and the will to break things. We can’t coach from inside our core bubble. We want to get out into the world, connect with our clients, join them in their adventure, stimulate and seduce. Not because we know all the answers but because, when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we can learn together. On a bench in the sun, in the boxing ring, in a horse stall or in a lifeboat.

We want to do what’s needed, whatever fits the bill and challenges. We won’t do things because that’s the way they’re done or because we’ve always done it that way. This doesn’t mean that we throw all existing methods overboard. It simply means that we will take nothing .

Change always starts with one person who is touched

Leaders try to adapt their organizations to new developments and thereby gain control. In more than eighty percent of cases, these attempts fail.

Research shows that failure or success of any change depends on the human factor. The human who, consciously or not, expresses patterns, convictions, interests and feelings. Our experience is that people will only change when they are convinced that change is necessary and will be supported. Our primary concern, then is to demand attention for the behavior, attitude, convictions and feelings of individuals .

We use specialized interventions in order to touch people. These interventions are more than a means to evoke a certain connotation or to serve as a metaphor. These are interventions in which we fundamentally inspire people to change. That desire for change is deep-seated, authentic and meaningful.

We are always a trigger for change

We are good at successfully changing people through personal attention. And the secret to our success lies precisely in that personal attention, rather than changing structures or processes. That personal approach can be through inspiration or sensation (in all sorts of ways, such as art, music and sports), by holding up a mirror, engaging in dialogue or even debate. Whatever is needed to be the trigger for change. And we won’t let you fall. We will always create an environment for you to practice, experiment, fail and try again.

We believe that life’s most significant learning moments come when you’ve hit the ground and allowed to pick yourself up and try again.

This won’t be the easiest way to change or to change those around you. This requires courage as you struggle with others and, above all, yourself. The road will be strewn with obstacles, but know that we are walking this way together in all its uncomfortable, painful and gloriously experiential moments.

You can change your environment

We want to give people strength. To allow themselves to dream because we believe that everyone can be the leader of their own lives. Whether you are a formal leader or not. By making you aware of your strength, you can influence your environment. You not only develop yourself, but also create dynamism within your own environment. We want to show people that much more is possible than they think. We’ve been taught to be realistic and thereby to forget how to play or exercise our minds. Being realistic makes us expect limitations rather than seek out possibilities.

Together with you we contribute to creating a community of compassionate people for a better world

Together with organizations, teams and individuals, we’re looking for opportunities to change the mindset. Because that shift in the mindset is so necessary today. You could also call it offering a new perspective but that alone is not enough. We need to give people the means to implement that new mindset. We are uniquely positioned to link creative ability with executive power. We create change, within ourselves and for others. Our strength lies in personal development: if you let a person grow, that growth extends into the team and from there into the organization and eventually the world.  We believe in the social domino effect to create a civil society.